The Abundance of the Heart is a rich and vibrant coming of age story.  Chronicling the different phases of her life from a young girl to a wife and mother, the author leads the reader on an authentic journey.  This book is a must read for anyone struggling to find his or her path after a difficult childhood.  It will lift the lowest of spirits and give hope to those who need it most.  Mosley’s transparency makes for a gripping tale and an awesome testimony! – Jackie A.

Abundance of the Heart speaks out loud, “Real Heart Matters”. Andrea courageously speaks from a place of victory, the plight of social ills resulting from generational curses that often leaves one broken and under-used. This literary work of Grace gives us practical truths to overcome defeat. –Tiffany S.

Mosley’s writing style is honest and forthright. She is open about her journey and I think that will resonate with a lot of readers. The issues she talks about―friendship, relationships, family issues, motherhood―would make for good group discussions. –Tara P.

Andrea Mosley has certainly touched my spirit with her inaugural work, ‘The Abundance of the Heart’. Transparently, she shares her life’s story in the volume of her book, which I deem to be the microphone for all of the young black girls whom have yet to speak out about their challenging passage from childhood to womanhood. This book will not only reach the young women it targets, but will teach all those who read it. – Muriel W.

The Abundance of the Heart is a journey through the heart issues faced and overcome by Andrea Mosley. No matter the race, economic status, or up bringing, we all face some of the same struggles. Andrea bravely exposes some of the ugliness that is bound up inside of our hearts, but she doesn’t stop there. Andrea walks us through the journey from being wounded and lost to becoming healed and set free. The power of this book is tied up in the readers willingness to be vulnerable. If you will open up the One who set Andrea free, you will experience freedom like you’ve never known. – Tori S.

The Abundance of the Heart is a story of hope to inspire people to not merely just cope through life’s challenges but to identify & overcome the issues of the heart through forgiveness. Through her honest & transparent writing, Andrea captivates what it means to be broken but acknowledges the fact that you don’t have to stay there. Instead, you can take it to the God that mends & heals so that you can be FREE! Powerful book! Guaranteed to change lives, minds, & hearts. – Shannon M.

The Abundance of the Heart was amazing. After reading the first chapter I was hooked, I couldn’t put the book down. I even missed my bus stop trying to finish the book. It was an easy read and I enjoyed reading this book. I couldn’t stop telling people about the book and how the book was relatable and helpful that you could apply the book to everyday life. I loved it from beginning to end. The book gave me hope and inspired me too change my life. – Lesherri J.

As a father of two daughters, you never want them to have these types of experiences. You want them to grow up in a bubble of perfection and live their lives in a field of roses next to their big white castle. However, in reality these experiences happen to our daughters everyday and not many are vulnerable to share the rawness of that experience. This book not only does that, but provides some practical guidance how to overcome life’s dirty challenges and not only live in this world, but how to strive in it. Good stuff. – Grover S.