To Be Or Not To Be?

I had the absolute pleasure of spending some quality time with one of my good girlfriends the other night. We’ve known each other for about 12 years but we’d never shared such an intimate moment as we did this particular night. We shared how we see people and situations and each other. I was definitely […]

The Grave Injustice

I want to first express my condolences to the family of Michael Brown, and other young men who have lost their lives in similar situations. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose my only son, let alone in such tragedy, but I do know that’s a heartache that only the living God […]

One Key To Unlocking Success

I’ve been doing a lot of networking the past five months and it’s been really fun. I’ve met interesting people and the quality of their character has been quite refreshing at times. It’s always a joy to meet people who are determined to live beyond the norm and who genuinely have a passion for helping […]

The Misconception Of Virginity: Why It May Be Overrated

I recently read a young woman’s story about how she religiously vowed to keep herself till marriage and how the church pressured her while doing so. It placed her in so much bondage that at the glimpse of becoming free, she completely left God and the church. I was compelled to address this issue. […]

Why Not Just Ask Him?

Call me old fashioned but a woman proposing to a man is just out of order. I don’t think it gets any more desperate than that. I mean, can somebody get my sister a tall glass of Jesus and hold the ice, please? “Listen, Linda.” Jesus said whoever drinks the water He gives will NEVER […]

The Truth About My Daughter & What She Really Means To Me

Children really are a gift from God. When I ponder the truth that God always creates with intent and purpose, I ponder Jeremiah 29:11 and the intimacy we shared with God before we became that embryo twisting, twirling, and forming in our mother’s womb. When I look at my children I see the scripture in […]

Can You Be Gay/Lesbian And Really Be A Christian?

This is one of the most controversial questions of our time. However, in my opinion, there are far better questions to ask, like can you really be a Christian and overlook the suffering of others when you have the ability to help? Or can you really be a Christian and be selfish when the thing […]

8 Ways To Tell If You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that some of the relationships we have with others may be unhealthy. If you are used to having unhealthy relationships, then it may be hard to recognize the signs because you have become accustomed to the sting of those relationships. Well, no matter how familiar you are with unhealthy relationships, […]